Movies and video games are merging

The video game industry makes more money than the movie industry these days; now A-list movie and TV stars are lending their likenesses to the games.

High Tech Texan Michael Garfield is at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, getting a look at some of the hardware we use for gaming.

"Samsung just launched a 292-inch new TV, it's called The Wall, and it uses a new technology called micro-LED which does make the picture sharper."

Well, we might not use that for games -- yet, but Garf says games are what fuel much of CES.

"The gaming industry, multiple times over, is bigger than the movie industry and the music industry combined; they brought in, last year, about $160-billion in revenues."

The actors know where the money is and Garf says the new trend is to use the likenesses of stars like Keanu Reeves in games.

"The movie stars, the Keanu Reeves and our TV stars, they use these likenesses to make us more familiar and friendly with these games and that's the next trend we'll see."

Reeves is the star of one of 2020's most anticipated games "Cyberpunk 2077." One of the biggest games of 2019 was "Death Stranding," featuring the likeness of Norman Reedus of "The Walking Dead."

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