How vulnerable are we to a cyber attack from Iran?

Iran has threatened to attack the United States in retaliation for killing a top military general last week. Just how vulnerable are we to an attack?

The mainstream media keeps saying power grids are vulnerable, as are banks and water systems. Dr. Ed Peters of Data Discovery Scientists says what you aren't being told is how we prepare for those.

"Critical power grids and other facilities have been drilling these procedures on a regular basis," Peters explained. "That's because the environment keeps changing as state actors and other nefarious hackers look to exploit those for any type of advantage."

Peters says the government has been dealing with cyber attacks more often then you realize, and our defensive and offensive capabilities lead the world.

"We receive 20-million attacks a day. This happens to federal facilities, state and local facilities, and businesses of all sizes," Peters said. "The United States has taken extreme precaution for its critical infrastructure to harden sites against these attacks."

But, over the weekend, hackers claiming to be the 'Iran Cyber Security Group' defaced a government website with a picture of a bloody President Trump.

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