What will gas prices do this year?

You haven't paid $3 for a gallon of gas in years. There's nothing out there saying high prices like that will return anytime soon.

In fact, new predictions from Gas Buddy say that what you're paying now for a gallon of gas is likely to be what you pay for a gallon of gas at the end of the year.

But, market analysts are worried about what Iran could do after an airstrike by the United States last week took out one of their top military generals. Gas Buddy's Patrick DeHaan tells KTRH even if Iran responds, you may not see any impact when you go to get gas.

"I think there will be a potential impact on oil that will be relatively small," DeHaan said.

So why won't we be impacted even if Iran does do something to spook the oil market?

"Oil producers here in the U.S. are producing 13 million barrels of oil per day. That's seven and a half million barrels more than where we started last decade. That would act as insulation," DeHaan explained.

Gas prices around Houston jumped from $2.20 a gallon right after Christmas to $2.25 a gallon. That spike is expected to be short-lived, and was only because of demand due to holiday travel.

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