List of Grain-Free Dog Foods to Beware

The Food and Drug Administration is studying a suggested link between grain-free dog food and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), or enlargement of the heart. The number of fatal cases is skyrocketing as more people move their pets to what sounds like a healthier choice. Apparently, it’s not. It’s not good for cat’s either. What works for you doesn’t work for the dietary needs of pets.

“We see the same types of things – the grain-free diet, or the gluten-free diet – some of these other ‘fad’ or ‘boutique’ diets that people think are good for people; but just like fad diets for people, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be,” advises Dr. Lisa Lowenstein of Braescroft Animal Clinic at the corner of Braeswood and Hillcroft . She says grain-free has become popular, trendy, over the past five to eight years.

What’s best to feed your dog? She suggests asking your vet, because there could be special dietary considerations you’re not aware of. Beyond that, she says to stick with popular, well known brands because they’ve been tested, in many cases for decades, and are nutritionally balanced. Some of the most popular grain-free foods are among the pricier selections. “Taste of the Wild. Core. Acana. These are top notch diets. It’s the grain-free part that’s not what you want to get on, so I tell people, if they like the company and your dog is doing well, then just find one of their products that’s not grain free,” Dr. Lowenstein recommends.

Here is the FDA report listing breeds most affected.

According to the FDA, these are the brands of grain-free dog food DCM is associated with.

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