Adoptions in Texas have skyrocketed past 6,000 for the first time

According to Child Protective Services, there are more children leaving foster care than entering it, with more than 400 children were adopted in November alone.

CPS foster adopt recruiter Michele Broussard said she hopes the trend will continue.

"People are not afraid anymore, that there's no more stigmas about adopting children and I just encourage people to at least come and ask questions about the journey," said Broussard.

The next step she suggests is to go to an information meeting to get questions answered.

"It can be really scary and a lot of times people are really, really excited about that journey, but it is a process," said Broussard.

She said they’re heavily recruiting adoptive parents for children who are ready to be adopted since parental rights have already been terminated.

People can view those children at

Texas Adoption Center is a licensed child placing agency that specializes in private infant adoptions, domestically.

They work with pregnant women in Texas who are exploring their options. If they decide parenting is not right at this time in their life, they provide emotional support and assist them with creating an adoption plan for their unborn baby.

“We work with pregnant women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are exploring their options and alternatives to parenting,” said Texas Adoption Center, Assistant Director Kenna Hamm, LMSW. “We help them with emotional support, financial support, transportation, taking them to their ob/gyn and really just being there for them for whatever they may need during this pregnancy and assisting them in creating an adoption plan for their unborn baby.”

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