Soon you won't be able to believe your own eyes

Remember the 80's movie "The Running Man" where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character was framed in a far-off future, with a fake video of him supposedly committing a crime? Well, the future is here.

They're called deepfakes. KPRC 950 host Glenn Beck says these fake videos are becoming more of a threat.

"To me, this should be the number one priority of anybody who says that they're looking for fake news; deepfakes should not be allowed online, I'm sorry."

Beck says actors can retire and just sell their likenesses.

"We're entering a time whole entire movies will be made by Leonardo DiCaprio and Leonardo DiCaprio didn't say any of it, didn't do any of it, had nothing to do with it, except sign the right away."

Beck says less sophisticated voters will believe what they see in fake political videos. He says the Russians will probably flood us with fake videos of politicians saying things they didn't actually say.

"They're going to play a role in the next election. You have to be aware that we're now entering a time where you cannot believe your eyes and soon, you won't be able to believe your ears, as well."

Beck says even crude attempts at these sorts of videos have convinced some and as the technology gets better and cheaper, the problem will only deepen.

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