Pew: Top finding in 2019 is the change in what America looks like

As we close the book on 2019, a top American think tank reveals its top findings for the year.

At the top of the Pew Research Center list is the changing face of America with Hispanics projected to be the largest ethnic group voting next year, which doesn't surprise Republican Strategist Luke Macias, who tells KTRH Texas is seeing the changes up close and personal.

"Texas is the tip of the spear of a lot of those demographic shifts," Macias said.

Macias says it's not only the face of America that's changing, it's our faith; or lack thereof.

"We are becoming less and less religiously affiliates. It's changing our politics. Our political divide is becoming a theological divide," Macias explained.

Pew also found that a majority of Americans think the government is collecting information about them, and that two-thirds support the legalization of marijuana. Their entire list is HERE.

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