Dry January!

The holidays are filled with filling our bodies with alcohol. From beers at the office party to lots of New Years toasts. To help you recover from the alcohol related abuse you have done to your body, there is a practice that has become popular in England called "Dry January" where you don't consume alcohol for the month.University of Sussex found that for many it lessens your drinking for the rest of the year. Psychologist Dr. John Huber says goal-oriented projects are good."Within a month you should start seeing a slight drop in your weight. Alcohol gets turned right into sugar and your body starts storing that sugar as fat on your organs ---like on your liver itself!”

It’s good for your health, your wallet, your weight and even you future. Dr. John Huber is in favor and not only for health reasons. " I think anything that helps you take control of your life and helps you achieve goals is a good thing.”

Let’s hope Dry January doesn’t lead to Wet February!

Happy couple having fun while singing on Christmas party.

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