Billionaires aren't faring well in Dem race so far

Two of the richest candidates running for the Democratic Presidential nomination have not gotten the return on investment they had hoped for so far.

Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg have spent over $200 million but aren't anywhere near the top of the polls. Political consultant Joe Brettell isn't surprised at all.

"Bloomberg got in way too late. And the primary is being driven by the activist wing. They aren't big believers in Michael Bloomberg," Brettell explained.

That said, the five that have qualified for the next debate are all white, and four of the five are older. Brettell says the field will thin out after Iowa.

"They want the guy who can beat Trump. They have less time for pipe dreams. They want to win an election," Brettell stated.

Candidates like Cory Booker have requested the DNC's own rules be relaxed so a more diverse field can debate next month.

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