Real life doctors don't really mind Dr. Google's help

So you've got the sniffles. Or you have a cough. But you don't run to the doctor's office just yet. You do consult Dr. Google, though.

You aren't the only one. Plenty of people are using Google to self diagnose what ails them. Of course, your search results can go in a few different ways. It might be the flu, or you might have six months to live. But, real life doctors like Omar Durani with Diamond Physicians don't mind Google's help.

"It makes it more fruitful, because we can discuss certain concerns that they may have and go over them in detail. Now, by no means would I say that Google would replace your primary care physician," Durani explained.

Durani tells KTRH he hears about Doctor Google so often that it's surprising when it doesn't come up.

"This is a daily process, and this is where that relationship with your doctor comes into play; to help ease the anxiety and the tension of what the information that Google can provide to you.

Doctors say that if you're going to use Google, you should really only trust the results you get from websites like WebMD or the Mayo Clinic.

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