People now have more digital conversations than face-to-face talks

If you ever got the feeling that you are talking to more people over text or WhatsApp than you do with actual face-to-face conversation, you might be right.

New research in England shows that for the first time ever, we are having more digital conversations face-to-face conversations. Counselor Shannon Thornton explains why this is happening.

"It's just easier. Teenagers, that's how they are learning to communicate, with their fingers instead of with their mouths and in front of people," Thornton explained.

But she says we lose a lot by not having conversations with our friends while they are actually in our presence.

"Words are only 7% of our message. The rest of it is in our body language and our tones," Thornton said, adding that the shift to digital conversation means young people lose out on learning important social skills.

LifeSearch's report says the number of face to face conversations has went down by 15% in the last five years.

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