If you're returning gifts, you are far from being alone

It's the day after Christmas, and you might have a pile of gifts in your closet that you're looking to return to the store. You'll have plenty of company.

Shoppers are expected to return $95 billion dollars of holiday gifts. That's a 15-20% increase from last year. Retail expert Shanda Cortines says if you're making returns, there's a way to avoid long lines.

"Try to go during non-peak hours, which is easier said than done for those of us that work 8 to 5," Cortines explained.

And if you don't have a gift receipt, she says the sooner you get to the store, the better.

"If you return it without a receipt, and it's even two days after New Year's, everything is on sale, and you are only going to get the sale price," Cortines said.

Shanda says online returns have been made easier as online shopping has grown over the years. We have a list of major retailers and what their return policies HERE.

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