A modestly better 2020 is most likely

Optimists think stock prices will hit new records, the economy will remain strong and President Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

KTRH Moneyman Pat Shinn says a baseline expectation for 2020 is at least a modest gain for investors.

"GDP growth of about two percent, corporate profits of about five percent; so, if we assume the price to earnings ratio does not change that would mean about a five percent return for stocks."

Shinn says Wall Street certainly wants President Trump to win re-election; traders and investors certainly don't want the nation to lean any further Socialist.

"Historically, when the incumbent wins the market does well and when the incumbent doesn't win the market does not do well, but especially in this case, when we have a President that is probably the most pro-business President that we've ever had."

But Shinn says but there are no guarantees.

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