Making recreational marijuana legal is creating more youth health concerns

When it comes to legalizing recreational marijuana, opponents are concerned about the effects on young developing minds.

Recovery Unplugged co-founder and vision leader Paul Pellinger said the best weed in the world had between 10 to 15 percent THC levels some 20 or 30 years ago. Some current vaping juices have a 90 percent and above THC level and can be technically classified as a hallucinogenic.

"The THC levels in the current marijuana are anywhere from four to 10 times stronger than the highest potencies from 10, 20 years ago," said Pellinger.

He says a lot of THC vaping is from the black market and is particularly dangerous because of chemicals it's mixed with causing lung diseases and other sicknesses.

He said there haven't been a lot of studies to compare the effects of marijuana on adults, but there are definite consequences and marijuana does have an effect on brain development.

"Poor coping skills, short term memory loss, emotional immaturity, moodiness," said Pellinger.

He says marijuana can be a gateway drug to harder drugs and alcohol.

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