We may have had the best decade ever, but the mainstream media disagrees

If you turn on CNN or MSNBC, if you read the Washington Post or the New York Times, you'd be led to believe that the world was coming to an end based on current affairs. But, the exact opposite may be true.

In fact, Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center says we might have had the best decade ever, if you consider all the things that have improved.

"The number of positive things going on; the economy is doing well, not just here but globally. Poverty has plummeted," Gainor explained.

Gainor says we've also made strides in other areas like disease and famine. But, the mainstream media don;t want to give you anything to be happy about.

"It's not click-bait. It doesn't fit the narrative of a journalist that says the world is bad and I must change it," Gainor stated.

Gainor says he's taken part of focus groups in the past, and what they found out was that you actually would like to hear about good things, as opposed to the constant drumbeat that the world is bad.


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