How can you get through Christmas without arguing politics with family?

Christmas is tomorrow. You probably have a get together with family planned. And because it's 2019, and we are all talking politics, there's a good chance that talking politica will lead to arguing about politics. There may be no way to avoid a blowup like we always saw on TV with Archie Bunker and 'Meathead.'

So the question is how do you avoid the argument. Because counselor Leigh Richardson says you can't get away from politics entirely.

"It's going to come up. So having some fun with it is the best way to deal with it," Richardson said.

So maybe you force someone to sing in front of the rest of the family if they bring up politics, or ban them from the liquor cabinet.

"Well I do know if you ban them from the liquor cabinet, it's going to get there attention, maybe in a good or a bad way," Richardson stated, adding that you could also be gentle about and say that you shouldn't talk politics in front of the kids.

In case you are looking for more ways to avoid an 'All in the Family' political brawl, The Hill has some ideas for you HERE.

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