Don't let a State Department travel warning fool you

The State Department's "Mexico danger map" has been updated to warn travelers about certain states that are the biggest threat for murders, kidnappings, carjackings and robberies. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't vacation in Mexico.

Sheilah Benoit at Houston's Woodlake Travel says not many Americans vacation in those danger spots.

"It really talks about those crimes in areas that we just don't send travel clients to; we don't sell those destinations as tourist destinations."

Cathi Banks at Legacy Travel in Plano says travelers who get into trouble may be their own worst enemy.

"Well certainly, keep your brain about you, I mean, you're not in Disney World; they completely lose their minds and drink and drink and drink and that's a dumb idea, I don't care where you are."

Benoit says her clients go to resorts that offer everything they need.

"The resort has everything they're looking for, whether it's a spa, amazing restaurants, beautiful beaches -- they tend to stay on property."

Banks says the report is misleading.

"It isn't that the news is fake, but it's suggested in a fake way. Because saying 'oh Mexico is dangerous and everything' but the thing is, it's not anywhere anybody would go for vacation."

Both say there's no reason to fear traveling to Mexico -- if you stick to the tourist destinations.

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