Come to Texas, Y'all!

If you have company from California this week - beware. They may want to stay!

Texas is growing in population, new business and culture. California -- not so much. California is experiencing slow population growth. Reasons include fewer births coupled with increased deaths, and people and industry both are leaving the state at alarming rates.Business expert Bill Dendy says Texas is a popular destination for both. That's a big reason is an exodus from the state - with many coming to Texas."

Dendy says,“I think the interesting thing is a lot of them make themselves available to relocate to Texas. We are the epicenter of economic growth in the whole United States of America. Also – we have more industries doing well.” . A more manageable cost of living,lack of a state income tax, and our time zone is even attractive! Says Dendy,“People who have to work with the East coast find the Central Time Zone much easier to work with than the Pacific Time Zone in California.”

So if your California relatives want to come visit - watch out. They might not leave!

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