The exact day and time when frustration starts after being with family

At 2:13 pm on December 26th is when the novelty of the warm and fuzzies with the family tends to wear off, as does your patience, as the festive cheer begins to fade.

Hotels dot com found nosy relatives are bugging those 18 to 34 why they aren't married, or family feuds start over politics or even board games.

Rice Psychology Group founder Dr. Wendy Rice said people revert to coping how we did as children with our families, instead of acting like an adult.

"It's okay for you to respectfully say, 'you know, I was really hoping to not talk about that this year', or 'thank you so much for your interest in my life, I love that, and I'm kind of just making my own way through right now. Tell me what's going on in your life'," said Rice.

She said alcohol does not help you to act more mature.

Rice added if you can anticipate your time limit with loved ones, establish boundaries before visiting, take a break, make your own time out to be alone and do things you enjoy.

"If the time you get frustrated with your family is the afternoon of the 26th, then chances are you've been with your family for at least two full days," said Rice.

She said this year, if politics is the hot topic, try something different. Don't defend your side and agenda.

Instead, listen to them and just respond, "that's interesting!"

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