Cornyn: Democrats are trying to change will of the people with impeachment

There seem to be a lot of polls coming out, and a lot of them have good news for President Trump, even if the mainstream media ignores them.

For example, new polling on impeachment show support for President Trump. Texas Senator John Cornyn told KTRH Democrats don't care about what the polls say, just like they don't care that 63 million of you voted for Trump back in 2016.

"It gives 535 members of Congress to essentially reverse the judgement of the 60 plus million voters that elected Trump in the first place. That's a pretty serious matter," Cornyn explained.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi hasn't delivered the impeachment articles to the Senate. And Cornyn says even after this is over, it won't really be over.

"Even if this impeachment thing is in the rear view mirror, there will be some other straw that opponents of the President will grasp at to try and justify his removal," Cornyn stated.

Polls have come out recently also showing Trump would do well against his Democratic challengers, and has more African American and Jewish support than you'd believe if you listened to CNN.

Cornyn also spoke with KTRH about the economy, and why Obamacare hasn't been replaced. You can listen to that interview below.

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