Does the President have a problem with suburban women?

If you believe the mainstream media these days, the President has a problem with voters in the suburbs.

The mainstream media says it's not just a suburban problem; it's a problem with suburban women. Jacquie Baly at U-H Downtown says the President is trying to focus on that demographic.

"We definitely need to focus on the suburbs, and suburban women. They have been the stronghold of the Republican Party for so long," Baly explained.

Baly was part of a recent 'Women for Trump event in Houston,' and says that the mainstream media forgets one very important thing.

"Women are actually paying attention. You won't see the CNN's of the world saying that. We do realize the President's policies are working," Baly said.

The proof is in the numbers. The unemployment rate for women is at an all-time low. But, you're not hearing that either, because it doesn't fit the mainstream media's narrative.

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