Analysts say no one stood out in Dem debate last night

The big news in Washington has been the impeachment of President Trump. And, in all the buzz surrounding it, last night's debate with seven Democrats running for President may very well have gotten lost in the shuffle.

You heard the usual talking points. There were attacks on the President. There were attacks on capitalism. Political scientist Allan Saxe told KTRH he heard nothing new in almost three hours last night.

"A lot of them were attacking wealth. It was the same old responses from the candidates on the stage," Saxe explained.

Texas State Representative Steve Toth said the debate showed everyone just why Donald Trump won in 2016.

"They love the swamp. They just want to go the swamp. That's the only thing we saw from every one of them," Toth said.

In the end, Saxe says there was no winner on stage, at least.

"It was boring. Boring. President Trump would have made mincemeat out of any of them," Saxe said.

The next debate is in Iowa on January 14th.

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