You don't want a Christmas visit from the fire department

Remember to water your Christmas tree every day. If you don't, someone else may have to do it for you.

Spring Assistant Fire Chief Robert Logan says trees can easily become fire hazards.

"We want people to water their trees so the firefighters don't have to -- that's a saying we have in the fire service. A real Christmas tree is beautiful but it will rapidly become a fire hazard as it dries out."

Assistant Chief Logan says they need a lot of water.

"A live Christmas tree typically absorbs about a quart of water for each inch of its trunk's diameter. So, if you have a tree with a four inch wide trunk it will need to soak up about a gallon of water each day."

Assistant Chief Logan says lights are safer now than they were in past generations, but they can still light a fire if the tree gets too dry.

"Modern lights do have fuses in them where the old ones didn't but the tips of the lights can still get to a temperature where it becomes too warm and if those dried pieces of the tree are directly touching the lights there's a higher chance the Christmas tree could ignite."

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