It may be time for a vacation but lots of us aren't taking it

Take off, eh. A study finds only 23% of Americans take all of their vacation days and most of us only use half of our vacation days.

Texas author Melissa Pocza runs a real estate brokerage.

"I know myself, as an entrepreneur, I'm a firm believer that nobody will work as hard for you as yourself, so I have a very difficult time leaving at the end of the year."

Pocza says even when you do take vacation, work doesn't always go away.

"We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by our iPhones and tablets; so it's hard to cut off that communication when you leave."

Pocza says many workers are afraid they'll be replaced if they take time off, but she says do it anyway, you've earned it and employers should encourage time off.

Pocza says she likes the 'use it or lose it' policy with vacation days. She says it sends a message.

"Hey, you're not gonna get paid if you don't take 'em, so please take them. But I feel that everybody deserves them and earns them and needs them; those timeouts are very necessary."

One survey says 44-million Americans still have a week of vacation left over entering Christmas time.

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