You may be distracted by your high tech car

Surprisingly, research shows some of the new auto safety features make you less safe. Research at Virginia Tech found things like adaptive cruise control make drivers less attentive.

Triple-A Texas' Daniel Armbruster says it appears drivers get overconfident.

"Researchers found drivers become complacent over time when it comes to this technology, this driver assistance technology that's in our vehicles including lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control."

Armbruster says no matter how high tech your vehicle is, you are in control.

"They do not replace the driver and you have to remain alert behind the wheel no matter what type of technology you're engaging with."

Even Tesla's Autopilot, which is getting close to being able to drive itself, has resulted in deaths.

Armbruster says you should opt for all of the safety features you can afford in a new car, but don't rely too much on those advanced features.

"Just make sure you know what technologies are installed and how they work; it's important to stay informed and just remember while the technologies are there they don't replace the driver."

Researchers found drivers whose cars have lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control are twice as likely to become distracted drivers.

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