Is a trap being set for Trump in the Senate?

With the House of Representatives poised to vote and impeach President Trump, there are some who think a trap is being laid for the President in the Senate.

Even though the Republicans hold the majority in the Senate, there is concern the President might get too comfortable with that, and it would come back to hurt him.

"Many Republicans find it difficult to work with President Trump, didn't support him in the primary, and haven't worked well with him since he won," Political analyst Georgatos said.

Georgatos tells KTRH if any GOP Senator is thinking of 'turning heel' so to speak, all they need to do is watch one of the President's rallies.

"They can see the support, and those people do not want to vote against their base by removing the President," Georgatos explained.

Especially when 95% of Republicans approve of the job the President is doing.

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