Do You Believe in The Almanac?

Before the internet, satellites, radar and high tech weather software, there was the Almanac. After a couple of centuries, many people still rely on The Farmer’s Almanac for weather prediction. The author of Poor Will's Almanac, Bill Felker closely observes nature and says almanac forecasting combines likely cold front patterns with lunar information. He adds that it’s the most dependable way of making certain specific long-range predictions.“In almanac weather terms…the world is a cycle and it breathes just like the tides.” Here's what Felker says about the Houston area in 2020.

“Write this down: Look for flooding or the threat of flooding in mid-January and the second weeks of February March and April.”

“You [Houston area] will be getting some precipitation before the Christmas front.“

Take a look at excerpts from Poor Will's Almanac 2020. You might be amazed!

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