Christmas Shopping at Work?

We asked some folks around the building if they have been shopping while on the clock and here’s a taste of what we heard.

“Yes, honestly, I do. A few times.”

“Yes! Yes!”

“I shop online for Christmas”

“Some – I like to shop the stores”

“That’s what I was doing the second you asked me that question.”

“Oh, absolutely!”

“mmmm, no. I have never had the pleasure of shopping at work, but it sound’s great!”

“I do not shop online while I’m at work. I would rather do my job.”

70% of American Workers admit they do spend work time shopping for holiday gifts, decorations and food, according to Employee Collaboration Platform. If your job includes internet access or a smart phone - it's easy to spend time online getting another tie for your dad.

The holidays can be fun at work with decorations and parties - but it can also be stressful. The survey also said nearly half of people on the job are putting in extra work to cover for co-workers who are taking vacation days! Not too jolly for them!

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