Texans want Fletcher and Allred to "Stop the Madness"

Texans rallied at the state capital to call on Texas Democrats, like Lizzie Fletcher and Colin Allred, demanding they ‘Stop the Madness’ and vote NO on the bogus impeachment witch hunt against President Trump.

Aaron Reitz, Marine veteran and Candidate for Texas House District 47 led the event.

“We are all standing here today to make sure that all Texan voices are heard. Lizzie Fletcher, Colin Allred and all Democrats representing Texas must stop this impeachment madness and get back to representing the people who elected them to office. We will remember their actions next November and vote them out,” said Reitz.

Today’s counter-impeachment event is part of a nationwide effort to hold vulnerable Democrats, like Lizzie Fletcher and Colin Allred accountable for their extreme actions and politically motivated behavior.

In October, the RNC debuted a new website, StopTheMadness.gop, which operates as a one-stop clearing house to defend the president – including opportunities for people to sign up as a volunteer, details on how to show up to a counter protest, and more.

A $10.3 million TV and digital buy is also part of the nationwide push against 60+ vulnerable Democrats who campaigned on reaching across the aisle to work with President Trump – including targeting Reps. Fletcher and Allred’s congressional district in Texas.

“Lizzie Fletcher and Colin Allred promised one thing on the campaign trail, but have done the exact opposite since stepping foot in Washington. Voters in the Lone Star State are fed up with this bogus impeachment witch hunt and will hold their representatives accountable at the ballot box for siding with Nancy Pelosi,” said Trump Victory Spokesperson Samantha Cotten

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