In Texas, national issues may trump local issues next year

The old saying is that politics are local. But, that might not be the case next year in Texas.

The focus next year in Texas might be national issues like impeachment, the economy and immigration. Ross Ramsey with the Texas Tribune tells KTRH this is not unusual.

"What goes on in Texas is much more like what goes on in the United States. We're right in the middle of things," Ramsey said.

But, there will be local impacts/ Consultant Bill Miller says Texas Democrats are trying to win the Texas House for the first time since 2001.

"There is enthusiasm and confidence, and it's growing. They feel very strongly about their position, their candidates, and their money," Miller explained.

That said, Ramsey isn't betting on it happening.

"They have to defend the seats that they won the last time, and win nine seats they weren't able to take in 2018," Ramsey stated.

About 30 of the 150 House races are seen as 'competitive' by both parties.

Texas State Capitol Building & Flag

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