Hurry! Flexible Spending Account Deadline is Near!

If you have left-over money in your Flexible Spending Account - get busy! [ The FSA is an account you funded with money from every one of your paychecks.] CPA Bob Fumagalia says an FSA is a great way to save money. "“You have typically 3 different things in the FSA and that includes Health --- which covers everything that keeps or gets you healthy.”

Some plans have an end of the year "use it or lose it policy" while others may let you roll over funds for next year. Fumagalia says, “You, indeed, have to pull out the document that they gave you when you first went to work for them and see what’s in your plan.”

If you can't fit in some surgery into the next 2 weeks - you could get an eye exam and new glasses..

You have 2 weeks to spend your money, so check your medicine cabinet for things you'll need soon.- prescribed or not. You could have an eye exam and get new glasses. There are online sites that will help you purchase thousands of FSA eligible items including some from pharmacies. 

Business man showing his empty pockets

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