Extreme climate change policies headed to Texas

Climate change proposals in Texas are extreme, would limit freedom, and would come at a high cost to you.

For example, the Dallas climate change plan would reduce how much you could drive your car or truck. Jason Isaac at the Texas Public Policy Foundation says expect similar proposals in Houston.

"You're going to see the same thing. They are moving forward with plans already. Mayor Turner is the Vice President of the Mayors Climate Initiative, which is funded by Bloomberg," Isaac, a former Texas State Representative, said.

But this is Texas. So why is this happening?? Isaac says it's an anti-Trump reaction.

"It's sticking a finger in the President's eye because he signaled in his intention and is withdrawing the United States from the harmful Paris Climate Accord. It's purely political.

Isaac says the goal is for carbon free electricity, and your yearly bill for electricity could go from a thousand dollars to five thousand dollars.

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