Artificial intelligence will only improve over the next decade

The past ten years have seen a rise in artificial intelligence, from smart speakers and other devices to driverless cars. We're "not there yet" on either, but the next ten years should see an evolution of these technologies.

Rice engineering Professor Patrick Rodi says truly driverless cars may come to other countries first.

"Where the litigation environment is a bit different, so you don't have the tort law and the other legal ramifications and environments we have in this country."

Professor Rodi says Alexa and Siri will get better in the ten years.

"I don't see a huge revolution coming; I think Alexa is going to be smarter and predict your needs better and get to know the family a little bit better."

Professor Rodi says we've come a long way. 120 years ago we had very little technology, now we're trying to go to Mars.

"I think it's a wonderful time to be alive; I always sit back and wonder what would George Washington think of the space shuttle or SpaceX or the space station or some of these advance technologies."

Professor Rodi says driverless cars and drones will improve and we'll see more applications of artificial intelligence in lots of areas, like financial markets and outer space.

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