Sylvester Turner Wins Reelection

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has won reelection with 57% of the vote over challenger Tony Buzbee. Turner got 116,014 votes to Buzbee’s 88.912. A total of 204,926 ballots were cast.

In the City Council races, the winners are:

District A Amy Peck

District C Abbie Kamin

District C Carolyn Evan Shabazz

District F Tiffany Jones

District H Karla Cisneros wins by 12 votes of more than 10,000 votes cast.Expect a recount.

District J Edward Pollard

In the At-Large races, incumbents Mike Knox, Michael Kubosh, David Robinson retain their seats.In Position 4 Dr. Letitia Plummer wins and Sallie Alcorn in Position 5.

All of the race totals can be found at our TV partner Channel 2’s website:

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