Your Digital Afterlife Will Continue

We’ve done stories before about what happens with your social media accounts after you die, but it’s going to take many conversations before each person comes to realize that we live in perpetuity online after death unless we make other arrangements.It’s something to discuss with loved ones.

“If a family member dies and you have not proactively set up any form of administration to handle their online accounts then unless you have a power of attorney you might be out of luck,” advises up cyber security specialist Robert Siciliano of

Facebook allows you to arrange for a Legacy contact who will have access to your account upon passing, but only you can set that up through your settings.Facebook, like others, have memorialized accounts where friends and family can share pictures and memories.Linked In expects to make arrangements for members to arrange for their demise.Twitter had announced plans to delete accounts of deceased persons but dropped the idea after an outcry.

“When a person dies basically their profile on social media is memorialized.The social media company makes the account dormant so no one has access to it,” Siciliano adds.

The best thing each of us can do is plan ahead. Siciliano says pick one person you trust, give them your user names and passwords of accounts and how you want them handled.

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