Wild hogs are everyone's problem

It doesn't sound like a Houston problem, but experts say it is. Wild hogs endanger the water supply and the environment, which is a threat to all Texans.

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension expert John Tomecek says the hogs were brought here from Europe.

"The biggest danger of all to express to everybody is that these animals are not native and not a part of this eco system, and so aside from agricultural damages, which are quite startling in their scale, everywhere they go they do damage to the environment and damage to native species."

They're becoming a nuisance on Texas highways but if you think the trouble is confined to rural areas, think again. Tomecek says they can affect urban water supplies.

"Pigs do tremendous damage to waterways and they contaminate water, which either renders that water unusable or really ramps up the cost of purifying it for folks to use. So, you have folks in urban areas that say 'this is not a me problem' but the reality is it's an all of us problem that we all need to work on."

Tomecek says the hogs cause more than $52-million damage annually to agriculture and they threaten other animals, like deer. They're even blamed for the death of a home health care worker in Chambers County last month.

Tomecek says trap 'em, don't shoot 'em. It's preferred you use a trap big enough to catch a herd, or sounder.

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