Good deportation number of illegals, but still just a drop in the bucket

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency deported more than a quarter of a million illegal aliens from the United States this Fiscal Year 2019.

Breitbart reported that between September 2018 and October 2019, ICE agents deported four percent more illegal aliens from the U.S. than in 2018 and a nearly 20 percent increase compared to 2017 deportation levels.

Breitbart associate editor Bob Price said that's despite enforcement removal operation officers being tied up at the border dealing with the crisis.

"181,000 of the 260,000 reported deportations were actually people apprehended at the border and returned back to Mexico," said Price.

He said more illegals are being deported now than before, but it's still just a drop in the bucket.

"More than 850,000 illegal aliens were apprehended at the border this year and we only returned 181,000 of those, that's not a very big piece of the puzzle," said Price.

He said the vast majority of interior deportations are criminals.

Reportedly, more than five thousand in the U.S. were known or suspected gang members and almost 60 were known or suspected terrorists.

He said illegals in the US are anywhere between 11 million and 22 million, or even higher.

Breitbart finds that deporting illegal aliens from the U.S. saves American taxpayers about $622 billion over the course of a lifetime.

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