Border crisis, Hurricane Dorian most talked about stories of 2019

We are starting to look back at the year that was 2019, and the most talked about stories of the year.

And in 2019, research showed the top two things you heard about, watched or talked about were Hurricane Dorian and the President declaring an emergency at the border. Jeff Mccall at DePauw University isn't surprised at all.

"In the Trump era, everything seems to have a political dimension to it. The news media has focused a lot on politics this year.

Mccall also explained why weather coverage gets everyone talking.

"There's a particular fascination in the news consuming public with natural disasters. Everyone can see the human element there," Mccall said.

And he adds that if you think things are going to change next year, and election year, think again.

"Whether it's a Trump Tweet, impeachment, or a Democrat saying something outrageous, people are going to jump to that. That will be the focus of the media as well," Mccall stated.

According to Morning Consult and Politico, 69% said they heard 'a lot' about Hurricane Dorian; 65% said the same about the border emergency.


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