Trump economy is the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas

The Trump economy might be the best Christmas present we are all getting in our stockings this year.

Wages are going up. Inflation is low. And that's despite the Grinch-like predictions of gloom and doom. Hank Lewis at Lone Star College says some of this is because of President Trump's policies, and other factors.

"Some of it was a little bit of luck that managed to prevent the trade war from being as bad as it could have been. Let's enjoy this and hope it carries over into the new year," Lewis said.

But despite the good news, the mainstream media keeps painting a gloomy picture. That is, if they talk about the economy at all.

"What we have is an entertainment engine that makes money that runs on ratings," Lewis explained. "They have target audiences. You advertise certain things to those that want to consume that."

So that is why you are hearing all impeachment all the time instead of the good economy we are currently all enjoying.

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