Trump administration being sued for healthcare price transparency rules

Some conservative organizations are taking the stance that price transparency is a necessary first step in reducing health care costs.

Dr. Erin Donaldson said there's two sides.

She said aiming for transparency is a good thing, but there needs to be some compassion in a hospital setting.

"Sometimes, what's going to save someone's life is quite expensive and there's no way around that. So, I can foresee that it would have some complications. I can see why hospitals are a little bit nervous about this plan," said Donaldson.

Some hospital groups are suing the Trump administration over its price transparency rules, which would allow patients to see the prices of the care they receive.

Donaldson said calling ahead of time to get estimates is good, but there's times when it's an unexpected medical emergency.

"When we're sick enough to be sent to the hospital and need to get admitted overnight or for multiple nights and have something potentially life-threatening, these things aren't usually planned ahead for anyone," said Donaldson.

She said money's the last thing on doctor's minds when they're treating patients when they're deathly ill.

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