Remembering slain HPD Sgt. Christopher Brewster

The funeral service for HPD Sergeant Chris Brewster was at Grace Church Houston this morning.

Brewster, 32, was shot and killed Saturday night while responding to a domestic violence call in the East End.

"Christopher Brewster truly was a good man. Full of the spirit. Full of faith. And many came to understand the Lord because of his life," said one eulogist.

Houston Police Chaplin Vincent Johnson remembered Brewster.

"Chris was a very unique person and a gifted individual. And, once you met him, it was almost impossible to forget him," said Johnson. "Chris was beloved by his friends and meant the world to them. He was a man of strong character and was always willing to help anyone in need."

Brewster is survived by his wife of five years, his dog, his parents, siblings and other family. Brewster was an avid gardener.

Brewster was a nine-year veteran of the Houston Police Department and he was promoted to sergeant earlier this year.

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