AAA: Record number of Texans will travel for the holidays

If you're taking a trip for the holidays, you will definitely not be alone.

In fact there will be more than nine million Texans traveling with you. To be specific, AAA Texas says 9.3 million Texans will travel for the holiday season. Spokesperson Daniel Armbruster tells KTRH it's a history making number.

"This is the most that have ever traveled for the holidays. Not only in Texas, but across the country," Armbruster said.

And you can thank a robust economy for that.

"Wages are increasing. That's keeping the economy is strong. When you have a strong economy and strong consumer confidence, we see a strong number of people that will travel," Armbruster explained.

That 9.3 million number is up 3.8% from last year. And if you travel by car you are paying less than you were for gas last week. Prices dropped two cents to $2.19 a gallon. But, that is twelve cents higher than you paid last year at this time for gas.

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