What’s next after El Paso judge blocks military funds for border wall

A judge in El Paso issued a permanent injunction against the Trump administration's plan to spend $3.6 billion in military funds, a third of what the border wall will cost. The judge, a Bill Clinton nominee, ruled the Trump administration does not have the authority to divert money appropriated by Congress for a different purpose.

Hispanic advisory board member for 2020 Trump campaign Rick Figueroa said this is political football that won't stop until after the 2020 election.

"To me, the interesting thing is that the government chooses to build a lot of projects, but this seems to be the most politically charged one. Which, to me, is the most simplistic, it's just a wall, basically, guaranteeing our national sovereignty," said Figueroa. "As the nation considers this election, I think we need to look back on the last three years and just simply look at the metrics of things that have been done and not the rhetoric."

He said it's a no-brainer that the Trump administration will appeal the ruling, and will have to look for other funds to use.

The Trump administration was planning to use the funds to build 175 miles of steel barriers.

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