We're stressed out like never before over politics

Stressing out over politics is bad for your health. 80% of voters in a survey say politics is their biggest source of stress.

Political scientist Kevin Smith says the media's non-stop propaganda about 'orange man bad' is doing damage.

"Everything from stress and loss of sleep to damaged friendship to even thoughts of suicide because of politics."

Dr. Lynn Bufka says sometimes you need to walk away from social media.

"When you're talking specifically about seeing rants online that you're having a hard time with walk away from it, take some deep breaths, do what you need to do to physically calm your body down."

Two-thirds of those surveyed say their constant anxiety is causing them to be less productive at work. Smith says it's good news for those who sell stress-relieving products.

"One in four said that they had lost a friend and similar numbers said they had experienced problems at work or had difficulty staying away from political websites."

Plus, this time of year, Christmas shopping and credit card bills stress is only adding to the burden.

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