Trump's Twitter habit causes mixed reaction from his supporters

President Trump is a very active Twitter user. A lot of his supporters love it. Some wish he'd tone it down. But everyone talks about it.

Since taking office, the President has Tweeted more than 11-thousand time. Brian Joondeph with The American Thinker says even though he likes it, there are Trump supporters that wish he'd cut it out.

"These people view Tweeting as unseemly for a President. It's something that should be left to celebrities and athletes," Joondeph explained.

But Joondeph says there's a motive behind the Trump Tweets. Part of it is to take the mainstream media out of the equation. And another part of it is just pure entertainment.

"He also trolls his opponents, which if you're paying attention, it's delicious. It's great watching him make fun of people or call them out," Joondeph explained.

And the Tweets are a big reason why the administration no longer holds daily press briefings anymore.

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