More of you are putting off getting medical treatment over its cost

There's a troubling trend going on when it comes to health care.

According to Gallup a record 25% say that they, or someone in their family put off treatment for a serious medical condition over the last year because it was too expensive. Health care strategist Andrew Neary tells KTRH why this is happening.

"As deductibles and out of pocket limits on health insurance plans continue to rise, more and more Americans who can barely write a thousand dollar check are forgoing health care," Neary said.

Neary says there are ways to ease the burden of these high costs.

"Direct primary care, which is a new form of primary care that's out there that gives employees better access to the health care system. I'm a big proponent of concierge medicine when done appropriately," Neary explained.

The 25% number we mentioned earlier is up from 19% last year. Another 8% said they put off treatment for a less serious medical problem, putting the total at 33%.

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