You won't exceed your data cap if you remember one thing

Cutting the cord won't save money if you go over your data cap. Comcast, for example, limits data to a terabyte a month -- which is a ton, unless you stream 24/7.

Luke Bouma of Texas-based says just remember to close the app.

"They let Netflix or Disney+ just keep streaming when they turn off the TV and walk away. Just hit the home button on your Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV to stop the stream and keep yourself under the data cap."

Bouma says his readers do that and rarely have data cap issues. He points out Verizon's wireless 5g service has no data limits.

Bouma says competition is the key to ending caps on how much you can stream.

"For the vast majority of people data caps are not something you need to worry about and we're actually seeing a growing pushback against data caps. As new providers enter the market, like in Houston, Verizon's 5G network, Google Fiber expanding in Austin, they're bringing data cap-free options."

Around the country, people who don't remember to stop the Netflix or Hulu stream are complaining about exceeding their caps and being charged as much as an extra $50 per month.

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