Every Click You Make --- Facebook's Watching You! 

You can't hide from Facebook!

Facebook - and other social media - are very familiar with you and your interests. Dan Gainor of Media Research Center says, “Their algorithms know all about you. They know your friends, they maybe know about you than you know about yourself. “  And as creepy as it sounds, the up side is the more you use Facebook - the more the advertising you see is exactly what you want! Gainor says the more time your spend on Facebook - the more data they have about you and the better they can supply you with advertising right up your alley. "That’s when advertising is more useful to us. If they can advertise and hit us with something they already know we like! Whether it’s a band we would like to see or a politician we want to hear more about – that’s what micro targeting does. “Micro targeting. The ability to identify very finitely Facebook users. That’s what advertisers like!”

And that's how this free platform is financed.


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