YouTube in Your Life

YouTube: informational, instructional, entertaining, persuasive. You think you know it well --- but do you? Here are 10 things you probably didn't know --- but your kids did... like over 40 thousand hours of content is produced every week and is watched in 14 billion individual views. Social Media Guru Kami Huyse says the most popular networks contain no English content." I think that people in the U.S. just don’t realize how popular YouTube is (and other social media are) around the world. There are a lot of up-and-coming social media platforms that are being developed that are not in English!”

Adults and kids enjoy YouTube-usually on different channels. Pew Research says half of us use it for the tutorials. Social Media guru Kami Huyse says, “ It's not only that you can learn how to do something ---- but there are multiple ways you can learn how to do it! It’s crazy!” Videos about video games receive more than twice the views that other topics do. Huyse says, .“PewDiePie" (rhymes with "CutiePie") was one of the most popular YouTubers because he posted videos of himself playing video games. "The most popular YouTube channels produce no content in English, and almost all adults have seen things that they know are untrue or even dangerous. Another tidbit: "videos with children under 13 get more views than others --- no matter what audience is watching."

Top Ten Fun YouTube Facts

  1. Almost three quarters of American adults use YouTube.
  2. An unbelievable amount of content is created every week on YouTube. Example: First week of 2019- over 48 thousand hours of new content was created and were received over 14 billion individual views.
  3. The most popular YouTube channels don't produce any content in English
  4. A small number of channels produce most of the content.
  5. Videos about video games (English speaking) are very popular --- the average receiving over 24 thousand views. Videos that focus on other topics receive just over 11 thousand views a week.
  6. Videos that featured children who appeared to be under the age of 13 – regardless of target audience – average more than three times as many views as other types of videos.
  7. Most YouTube viewers at least occasionally content that they know is untrue or dangerous.
  8. 80% of parents of children under 11 let them occasionally watch YouTube.
  9. Half of American adults who watch YouTube say it's important to them for learning how to do things.
  10. YouTube recommendations push users toward watching longer and longer videos.
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