Yes, the robots are coming to take your job but you'll find a new one

A study claims as many as half of workers in the Houston metro area will be replaced by robots. Young, less-educated and minority workers are most at risk.

Texas economist Dr. Ray Perryman says technology always opens new doors.

"It will eliminate some jobs but, on balance, technology invariably creates more jobs than it destroys.

Dr. Perryman says it appears we're making progress with driverless vehicles.

"Truck drivers and taxi cab drivers and many others who basically transport people and things in cars; that is a vulnerability."

But Dr. Perryman says we have the most technological society ever right now and unemployment is very low. He thinks we'll be okay.

Dr. Ray Perryman says the most creative jobs will remain.

"Although artificial intelligence has come a long way and it can play chess and it can do a lot of things, the things that require a human element, creativity, some judgment and that sort of thing are gonna be things that we want people doing for a long time."

Dr. Perryman says, since the invention of the wheel, technology has always created more jobs. We may not know exactly what those jobs are right now, but he says it'll happen again.

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